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10x Mindset Motivation
No More Mental Pain ...
Let me tell you a quick story how I originally come up with the idea of 20x Mindset Motivation Secrets. 

My Story:

I Lost Everything in my Life 5 different times...

The first time I was a professional bareback rider ranked in the top 50 riders trying to win a world title in rodeo. (I was struggling with finances and family all at the same time)

...And I was getting more and more frustrated and behind on my bills.

Then something really bad happened: 

I got injured and suffered 2 years of chronic lower back pain. 

15 doctors said I would never do anything physical again and have to retire from rodeo and live with a bad back. 

One day I woke up in a beat-up camper in the middle of a Texas hay field and thought, 
"How did I get here?"

It wasn't a deep mystery -- after 12 years on the rodeo circuit as a bronco rider, I ruined my back, racked up $67,000 in debt, had no job, and no real place to go.
My Life Went into a Downward Spiral, Racked up $67,000 of Debt, Lost Everything, and Went into Deep Depression! 
As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, and spent 2 years lonely, lost and depressed as I was trying to figure out how to heal back pain, lose 33 pounds and get back into rodeoing again.

Although I was tremendously frustrated I wasn't ready to give up on my Rodeo dream.
It was a true rough patch until one day a friend gave me a set of motivational cassette tapes (yep cassette tapes) of Tony Robbins. 
Then I Discovered... Motivational Coach
Tony Robbins
At that Point, Everything Changed!
Over 15 doctors said my spine was shot, but with the introduction to Tony Robbins and his mind coaching techniques I finally believed that through hard mental & physical training I could get back up on that horse, literally. 

Even more, I was determined to win a rodeo national championship. 

I spent weeks listening to every tape, taking notes and applying each one to my daily routine.

After listening it inspired me to apply this new profound knowledge of conditioning my mindset for success and I was determined to get my life back. It was a revolutionary breakthrough, unlike anything I ever experienced in my life and within a short time I was mentally fit and ready to tackle the physical part of this journey.
I become Mentally Fit as a World Champion
Here is what I Learned:
  • How to Interrupt "Negative Thoughts"
  • Let go of all the past failures.
  • Create my dream body in my mind
  • Live life on my terms
  • Get Financially FIT
  • Focus on my exciting future
Because I Discover Motivation as the #1 Secret
  • I Created simple techniques to instantly be happy, positive and powerful
  •  I Enjoyed working out and eating healthy 
  •  Return to my dream of Rodeo and being fit
  •  Heal 2 years back pain 
  •  Shredded my body down to 4.3% 
  •  Won a Bareback Championship on Fox Sports
  •  Developed INSANE Shredded Abs
  •  Lost 33 pounds in 6 weeks
  •  Paid off $67,000 in debt
  •  Bought my first home
  •  Become America's #1 Motivational Trainer
  •  Featured on ABC Shark Tank, CNBC, Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine
"I Teach How to Overcome Adversity 
and ANYONE Can Change Anything".   
Now after rebuilding my life once, winning the Mesquite Rodeo Bareback Championship on Foxsports and becoming America's #1 Motivational Personal Trainer I know I have the power to change my life and millions of other people who struggle with mental strength and motivation

My 20x Mindset Motivation Secrets is taking the world by storm because my motto is 
"Teach People How to Motivate Themselves and They Can Change Anything".   

Successful men condition their mind for positive success and focus on empowering goals.
And that's why... 

I'm so passionate sharing with you because I created '20x Mindset Motivation Secrets'  
so you can experience Breakthroughs in your life too!
I've Rebuilt my Life 5x times with 10xMindset Motivation
Training Your Mind Can end self-sabatoge, negativity, failing and mentally defeated!
After implementing the 20x Mindset Motivation Secrets I Could Hardly Believe The Life and Body I createdand the Hundreds of Men and Women Who 
Transformed Their Lives!
Start from where ever you are and within a few hours you will be well on your way! 
Exercise your mind and within 28 days you'll be mentally fit to easily lose 15 - 30 pounds and get your back healthy!

Now mind you, I have seen my fair share of crappy fitness program as well as other amazing one's, but NEVER before has there been a mental mindset exercise program like this! 

As amazing as it might sound, the mindset secrets is flawless. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if anyone followed these plans to a T, they are almost GUARANTEED to make a transformation in your overall health and a HOME RUN on to your Mental Mindset Strength! 
You Can End the Mental Struggles and Past Failures!

Everyone Who is Healing Back Pain or 
Tried Losing Weight has Failed...
YOU Need This 20x Mindset Motivation Secrets

ANYONE can do this...

BUT It's about getting started on a proven system to mentally get you fit and thin in your mind.

This system has helped over 40,000 clients Train the Mind First and the Body Will Follow,
and after seeing it work for thousands of clients, it left me TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully apply the tested and proven mindset exercise and conditioning found in this 20x Mindset Motivation, they could become the next Success Story. 

And that's when it hit me...

I needed to share this with everyone and NOT just the people working out in my gyms.

I realize millions of people suffer from the mental abuse of being chronic back pain and being overweight -- and the frustrations of trying to get fit & healthy because of all the misleading fitness contradictories.  
Here's the Motivation
Upgrade Now!
  • What Do you Want? 
  • Why Your Goals are So Important to YOU
  • Set New Compelling goals 
  • Focus on the future 
  • Write Down ALL Your Goals
  • Pinpoint Why You Fail
Total Value: $299
Digital Video #1 ($49 Value)
-Mindset Secrets- 
"What Do You Want?"

In this lesson you will discover what you want? Most people spend all their time focused on what they DON'T want and that's where their energy goes.  Remember, focus goes energy flows and your mind will deliver what you focus on the most. 
Digital Video #2 ($29 Value)
-Mindset Secrets- 
"WHY Do You Want It?"

In this lesson you will discover WHY you want what it is you want. This is the single most important reason because the WHY is the ignition for your journey. Usually people have a weak why like "I'm losing weight because I'm Fat", that isn't motivating or inspiring. THIS IS A VERY CRUCIAL LESSON.
Digital Video #3 ($59 Value)
-Mindset Secrets- 
"Write Out Your Goals"

In this lesson you will discover the power of writing down your goals. Many times people don't write down what they want and leave it up to faith to suddenly arrive.  There is a mental connection when you physically write down all your goals and your mind recognizes your hand writing. This is the first step to making a serious commitment to the achievement of your goals.
Digital Video #4 ($39 Value)
-Mindset Secrets- 
"What's Stopping You?"

In this lesson you will discover what is stopping you from going 100% all in to your fitness program. Everyone has a past that something is holding them back and it's time to pinpoint that issue and immediately handle that problem.  You can move forward looking in the rear view mirror. 
Digital Video #5 ($39 Value)
-Mindset Secrets- 
"Take Massive Action"

In this lesson you will discover the power of taking massive and immediate action. Many times people write down what they want, focus on their goals, buy a gym membership or diet book and then do NOTHING.  You MUST get yourself so worked up into a positive, excited mindset and imagine achieving your ultimate goals.  EMOTION creates Motion so without the final step of Action you won't achieve anything. 
Add 20x Mindset Motivation to your Account now and we'll also include Mind Conditioning Secrets & PowerTalk12
Absolutely FREE!
($798 value)
  • Focus on New positive goals ($39 value)
  • Interrupt Negative Thoughts ($49 value)
  • 5 Ways to Believe in Yourself ($59 value)
  • How to Visualize Achieving Anything ($69 value)
  • Body Posture INSTANTLY Improves You ($79 value)
  • Positive Powerful State of Mind ($29 value)
  • Empowering Keyword Vocabulary ($49 value)
  • ...and much more!
Total Value: $499

20x Mind Conditioning Secrets 
  • 1 Minute Motivation Videos ($49 value)
  • 1 Minute Motivational Audio​($29 value)
  • Motivational Monday Videos​($59 value)
Total Value: $299
Digital Videos #1 ($97 Value)
"1 Minute Motivation"
(Online Videos)
 Digital Video version:

#1 Most Powerful Motivational Tool -
This is a collection of 1 minute motivational videos Cowboy Ryan and the RodeoFIT team shot to inspire, educate and motivate you with a new message each day to BOOST your motivation, momentum and condition your mind for success.  
Get Mentally Fit ...
20x Motivation Mindset is the Foundation for Your Success!
These are the daily mindset conditioning tools and concepts that you’ll need to condition your fitness goals and 
keep the momentum going consistently.
Too many times we leave our destiny up to luck, wishing, hoping, praying that we will magically arrive.

NOPE ... sorry it will never, never, never work!

It's going to take HARD work, serious commitment, focus, energy and determination 
to physically change ANYTHING

- Thinking Positive Won't Get You Mentally Fit!

I won't say it's easy ... 

BUT it's the Secret Short Cut you've been looking for to Rapidly speed up the process to achieve your goals 
WITHOUT the frustrating struggles and disappointing failures.

Mindset Conditioning Secrets fuels the fire you ignited from Mindset Secrets to achieve Health, happiness, weight loss, wear a bikini, have energy to play with your kids, improve your intimacy with your lover, ect...


Get Started Today!
Get Motivated Easily ... Breakthrough to a Happier, Healthier Confident YOU!
  • 10x Fitness Mindset Secrets($149 value)
  • ​20x Mind Conditioning Secrets($299 value)
  •  1 Minute Motivation Videos ($49 value)
  •  Motivation Monday Videos ($49 value)
  •  PowerTalk12 ($499 Value)
  • Lifetime Newest Videos Upgrade ($300 value)
Total Value: $1,597
Get 20x Mindset Motivation Today!

The #1 request I get from people who join is how fast can I get Results? 
Well the secret to that is making sure you are doing everything right from the workouts, to the foods to the MOST IMPORTANT thing and that is staying motivated. 

This is the best option in my 'Fitness program'
Up until now you couldn't have access to work with me personally to motivate you unless
you were a member of my local franchise gym.

BUT now with the power of the internet you will have the ability
to work with me directly on a daily and weekly basis to keep you focused
on the road to your ultimate fitness goals.

Right now the ONLY place you can get this is here...'

Here's the SHOCKING TRUTH ... 

NO matter how great of intention you have to achieve results if you don't have emotion and compelling goals and you don't condition your mind everyday towards the NEW You its easy to bounce back to your old ways and habits.

Why this works so fast is because its a daily exercise and week coaching to build new habits, thoughts and condition your mind to take control of all areas of your life. 

I'm sure you've tried to workout or change your diet to see minimum results, DON'T do another diet or workout program WITHOUT putting the motivation and mind conditioning as the #1 most important ingredient to your journey.

This is what others say:

- Oh my Gosh, I can't believe I've never approach fitness with conditioning my mind first...

- Wow, that was so easy ...

- This was the fastest results ever!

- I feel amazing ...

I guarantee you will begin transforming your thinking and your life in the next 7 days or I will give you 100% money back. I believe in this so much that I am offering it at a significant savings today. 

Get Started Right Today!

Yes, you're going to get ALL of this with the Training!

Plus an extra bonuses of 20x Mindset Motivation Secrets.

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to see who's really paying attention.

If you are serious about taking your rodeo riding to the next level, getting fit and transforming your body, then I want to help you accelerate that process!

Yes, you're going to get $1,597 worth of stuff for less than 95% of their actual cost!

Yup, you heard that correctly, less than 95% of their actual cost!

That's almost $1,600 worth of online mindset motivation training at a measly few bucks giving you access to my entire online Motivation Training platform...

Why would we do this you're probably wondering?

Well there are actually a few reasons... 

First - it's my way of saying THANK YOU for Joining the No More Back Pain Secrets Team and being a family member. 

Second - It gives me the ability to get a few more of my products into your hands, which will help you with personal growth, get healthy, fit, happy, and hopefully keep you around longterm as a customer. 

I'm a big believer in over delivering in every interaction we have together...

and I want that to start RIGHT NOW for you!
5 Content-Packed Modules
and 60+ Lessons on Mindset Motivation! 
  • 10x Fitness Mindset Secrets($149 value)
  • ​20x Mind Conditioning Secrets($299 value)
  •  1 Minute Motivation Videos ($49 value)
  •  Motivation Monday Videos ($49 value)
  •  PowerTalk12 ($499 Value)
  • Lifetime Unlimited Access Upgrade ($300 value)
Total Value: $1,597

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List Price: $697
You Save: $630 (90%)
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This Special Offer Ends In...
Meet Cowboy Ryan,
Founder of No More Back Pain
  • #1 Motivational Fitness Speaker , 2009 - 2018
  • Featured on ABC Shark Tank, CNBC, Forbes & Entrepreneur
  • Fitness Franchise expert created Cowboys Gym
  • Lose 12 inches in 12 workouts program "as seen on TV"
  • ProRodeo Bareback Champion, 2004
  • Lost 33 lbs and shredded Abs to 4.3% body fat in 82 days
Have a question for No More Back Pain team? Send us an email at Ryan@ryanehmann.com or give us a call at 1-970-682-0976

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